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Men's Sunglasses, Acetate & Iron: Our Relationship With Vintage Motorcycles

by thomas burke on Aug 10, 2023

The timeless allure of vintage motorcycles harmonizes seamlessly with the sophistication of our men's sunglasses. This connection has spanned generations, dating back to the vibrant era of the 1960s motorcycle scene. As riders of that era lovingly customized their bikes to reflect their individuality, we also recognized the importance of sporting stylish eyewear while embarking on sun-soaked journeys down endless highways.

Drawing inspiration from this rich legacy, we proudly present a curated collection of men's sunglasses that not only pay homage to the past but also encapsulate the essence of modern vintage.


Leoide Eyewear ZEPHYR


Leoide Eyewear ZEPHYR

Our design ethos revolves around meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that our sunnies transcend mere aesthetics to become indispensable companions on our freeway adventures.

  • Precision Frame Width: All our Leoide frames are thoughtfully designed to effortlessly fit beneath our helmet, guaranteeing comfort and an unobstructed field of vision as we embark on exhilarating journeys.

  • Elegant Polarized Lenses: Prioritize our eyes' well-being with our men's designer sunglasses featuring optional polarized lenses. These lenses not only provide unrivaled protection against harmful UV rays but also reduce glare, ensuring crystal-clear vision during sun-soaked rides.

  • Tailored for Our Vision: Every rider's needs are unique. Hence, all our Leoide frames are expertly crafted to accommodate prescription lenses, ensuring we experience optimal vision tailored to our specific requirements.

  • Adaptability for Nighttime Cruises: Transition seamlessly from daytime to nighttime riding with ease. Our Leoide men's sunglasses come equipped with effortlessly interchangeable clear lenses, ensuring peak visual clarity whenever we're on the road, day or night.

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Fusing vintage charm with contemporary elegance, our diverse range of designer sunglasses invites us deeper into this style. Discover the frames that epitomise sophistication such as the RIOT, THORNE, HELIX, and ZEPHYR.

These frames all feature a bevelled brown and slender frame for those tighter-fitting helmets.

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It’s these sunglasses that set us and our fellow riders apart as we embark on thrilling freeway escapades.

Explore Leoide Eyewear's collection of top trending men's sunglasses now.